Current Models

Wheelhome DASHAWAY 'e' caravan.   From £19,230 for the one berth and £22,875 for the two berth. A high quality little touring caravan quite simply unlike anything else on the market.  Designed specifically to meet the challenges and demands of the latest and forthcoming vehicle legislation/technology to allow you to enjoy your leisure time, not just today but for the future too. Future-proof caravanning has arrived! Tow-able by most little cars (old and new) with a towing capacity of 1,000kgs or more, but also bang-up-to-date diesel, petrol or petrol/hybrid cars including fully electric cars
VIKENZE II on Fiat Qubo (most to be built on used vehicles with considerable savings). The Vikenze II is a dedicated single berth camper that has been designed for one person to go camping with as much comfort, convenience and ease of use as possible in a compact vehicle that can also do double duty as an economical little car with two seats for travelling in the front only - although there is room for a friend to join for a cuppa when on site!  A Tailgate awning is available from with or without sleeping compartments. 50+ MPG is quite achievable with the diesel engine and road